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Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor is a program for writing on Windows computers that helps you learn to write, no matter what kind of keyboard formats you use, it can be a huge experience for beginners a bit. Most keyboards are not set alphabetically, so the form for those who do not know it seems complicated. The Fast Tutor Keeper helps you. If you do not take care of a normal QWERTY keyboard or a little less traditional one, Rapid Typing Tutor probablyit will have a saved keyboard format and will be available for writing lessons. Lessons are also available in different languages ​​(function () {(“review-app-page-desktop”);}); After choosing the keyboard and language settings, it is time to choose a lesson suitable for a given skill level. Fast tuting typing has everything from the simplest to the most advanced. You can choose to take lessons that teach you where to find some letters Introduction or lessons that teach you how to enter othersword Entering the Teacher structure instead of istpraktisch, because it offers a virtual keyboard contains a pair of hands that show the right place where you can put your hands on your own keyboard, and then follow the instructions on the screen. Rapid Typing Tutor makes noise when you press the wrong button. If it is worrying, it is possible to silence the program. If you’re writing Rapid Typing Tutor also provides an animated screen that movesevery time you click on a real real suspension. The user can use the Rapid Typing Tutor that the program takes up some space on the screen. Sometimes it’s free between screens for a moment or two, especially if you have some programs that you want to learn to write faster, but typing fast on the keyboard has solved the bold text problem in the non-English version of Windows;

Cards are always displayed in the lesson.

UpdatedEnglish language course for experts;

The Greek course is updated for experts (added table symbol) Thanks

Updated language in German, Greek and Russian;

Other minor errors fixed; Problemy with ChangesBiter, in some non-English versions of Windows, has been fixed;

Cards are always displayed in the lesson.

English courses updated for experts;

The Greek course for experts has been updated (added table symbol) Thanks

Updated language in the languageGerman, Greek and Russian;

Other minor errors fixed;

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