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Prezi desktop

Prezi is a simple software that lets you provide professional exhibitions. It’s like a PowerPoint version, free of charge.

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Prezi helps you create specific or professional presentations that enable you to add data to the prezies (software requires each “prezi” suggestion), to organize it logically, to make audio and video clips, and then share with someone you want to achieve.

You can choose one of the many templates of Templates to start, orYou are empty pages. If it’s your first version, select the form – it makes it easy for you to plan your logic information. You have a base, you can add photos, videos and sounds, if you like.

Once you get your first resource, click on the edit object. When you click, you will see all the options available to you, But you can do more, how it looks or where, to remove it completely.

On the left side of the app, you will see your way of delivery. This is an application for transferring all your topics,which makes it very important. If you do not care, Your prey does not hear anything.

An easy way to work hard

When downloading Prezi, it will automatically launch the Pro version pilot. Although this is a complete filling of full product, it is difficult to paint out when the test is over. Basically, without upgrades, you will have enough space to store Prezis thin on Cloud Prezi, you’ll be able to edit and share prezis, and all your prezis will be opened. There are more information about Prezi website.

Prezi doeseasy display. All apps are easy – even without looking for tips or support, you can enter new testimonies and capabilities. It’s important to get help and resources getting you better, even if taking Prezi alone, it’s very likely.

A new way to go

PreviouslyPrezi had PowerPoint, and it was often. PowerPoint is a great software, not a mistake, but there is definitely a change. Prezi feels clean and easy, but he can also offer a good show. It can also handlerich and modern equipment and make it good. We recommend.

Recently, Prezi has been updated with custom buttons added to the Transformer tool for easy access. My new Sidebar tab now lets you access content from Pre-creation. And there are tons of YouTube settings for content and templates.


Recently, Prezi has been updated with Favorites button added to the Transformer tool for easy access. My new Sidebar feature is nowlets you access content from Pre-creation and there are tons of YouTube settings for content and templates.

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