Day: January 1, 2019

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White Boy Rick 2018

The story of teenage Richard Wershe Jr., who has been a covert informer for the FBI in 1980 years and has finally been arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to life in jail.

Director: Yann demangal Authors: Andy Weiss, Logan Miller

Set in the year 1980 of Detroit in an epidemic of fracture and war with drugs, White Boy Rick relies on the gripping story of the father of the Blue-Collar and his teenage son, Rick Wershe, Jr., who became an undercover police informant, and later a Drug trader, before being abandoned for his service and sentenced to life in


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Papers, Please

Documents, please, an unusual game where you play immigration inspector. Your task is to do everything through the border to pass your documents in order, and follow a constantly changing set of immigration laws.

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In articles, please play as a citizen of the Soviet-style republic, who is said to work as an immigration inspector. You will not earn much and be punished financially for mistakes. If every person comes through immigration control, you need to make sure that everything is right for you. It becomes more complicated when the game progresses, so it can be easy to miss something, you deserve a penalty.
You need to make sure that you can feed your family and keep them healthy so that mistakes can have bad consequences for them. It’s hard to manage your main salary, so mistakes can lead you to choose which family member you want to keep alive. Pretty depressing things.
Depression Gray Aussie
The papers, please a well-designed interface and good inspection you can easily pick up as the game progresses. Graphically, it is an uneven 8-bit look at it that matches the Hall 80 ‘s Soviet sense of play. But the paperwork, please, is not a game where the graphics or sound is the main attraction. It’s a game that makes you think and it makes you look at what kind of person you are when forced to choose worthy immigrants and watch your family.

Are you a bad man?
Paper, please, no fun in the traditional way. But it is convincing, very well designed and written. If proof that the video game is not stupid, and may be “art”, it’s wonderful.


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A monopoly is loved by the classic board game over PC that allows you to find and compete with friends to get most people probably have a record of the experience of playing monopoly and other similar board games with friends and family as children. Its combination of a fun traditional board game and Ubepari cuts the big board to make the perfect monopoly, growing in one (function () {(‘ Review-app-Page-Desktop ‘);}); There is a monopoly here and now an updated version of the popular classic, with a gameplay similar to the Council, and modern fields, services and conditions. For example, the four great odl of going where in the game and the original aiprots known as ‘ Hare International and JFK in New York are in place. Classic Monopoly Space agency was also changed by paying interest on the loan and fees for the telephone service. The amount of money treated at each stage in the game is also quite different. Property cannot be bought in $60 as in the old days! The monopoly scheme here and now is a familiar one, but often includes such things as the new range of characters and cartoon strips. In fact, the animation begins to be a little uncomfortable after five minutes (and you cannot turn them off in the Options menu). Music and sound effects that penetrate the game can be disabled, titles that are lucky because they annotate after at least five other elements such as mortgages and auctions are well executed, even though your computer is operating at any time, the Warning window still reads “Click on a property you want to mortgage”, which combines some of the users in making them think there is nothing else they need to do when they are not even here and are now happy to say classic sport , and then down slightly with his animation and an aural voice.