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Battlefield 1

1 field of battle shot the first person to be established during the second world war. It was created by PlayStation 4, XBox and Windows PC. You are probably accustomed to war games until now and recognize that usually think of low-tech hardware and majušnog machines, but not in this game. This game is hard and very realistic. You have not experienced the explosion while you’re in a battlefield 1.

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At first glance, you think apologize “Medal”, “play a little and you will see that there is a difference. The game was much smoother and there is a lot more about ourselves than the game of Medal of honor. You are fighting in the first world war from the first person perspective, where the weapon is taking place at the bottom left or right of the screen until it begins to shoot. Through the story of a linear way, but in an environment that is open to the sandbox/world. Track your battles of parameters and procedures for the mission and the drama as you go. The graphics are out of this world, so you will need a PC game if you do not use the console. Story is a human base, is not really a war, it’s about these people. The story and character acting seems to be inspired by the film of war fury.

Fireworks, explosions of Greaves and hit the drama

As the war of PC games has taught us and the creators of 1 field of battle. Shoot someone close, and you can hear their breaking bones that spent bullets. By the sound of the explosion are unclear and the sound of the guns is not too many data points, which is a great advantage in a first person shooter like this. The graphics are impressive, but they are not perfect. As with many games of war, the face of the character feel free. Taking into account the current technology, it could have been a little more faces of character. Instead, put more efforts on effects, making video games look fantastic when the battle was in full swing. The creators added a lot of variety in the game, when you jump from one stage in the leg, another on the plane and another in a bubble and so on. That adds seem game, but eliminates the realism of perception of the game. Unfortunately, the creators of cut pieces of the game so you can make the sales with downloadable content. For example, you can play as French if you pay nothing additional.


The story is new, however, the drama of the war “, and the game is well above average. It spoiled a small room EA so money ripping and impose pay as well as download content before they can enjoy the game. However, if you bought a PC game and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, 1 field of battle is the reason you get that kind of money.

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