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Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word 2010 Trial version is no longer available. You can download a free trial version of Microsoft Office 2016 instead.

Microsoft Word is probably the most popular processor in the world. It is also one of the most important applications in Microsoft Office Productivity Suite.

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Microsoft Word is a powerful partner for all tasks associated with creating, editing, and reviewing text on your computer. It works with all document formats, including support for saving the file as a PDF, or sending documents via email via Outlook immediately after writing them.


Make a copy from scratch or use one of the many templates, Microsoft Word will help you with a variety of tools: table, format options, text color scheme, helping to incorporate images and ClipArt and much more. Microsoft Word Includes the spelling checker tool and the power to fix text documents and personal notes. However, video support is still missing.

Quality of

In all, Microsoft Word has proven to be the perfect tool for text processing, from simple to complex reporting notes and photographs, diagrams and graphs.


Microsoft Word is a word processor that is popular because it is user-friendly and full of features.

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