Google Chrome download

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the Google browser. With it, you can open web applications and games without any problems and, most importantly, quickly. It is the main alternative to Firefox and; More than one (function () {(“review app-page-desktop”);});

Chrome is a young, fast browser that can browse a web page. It supports all major technologies and standards such as HTML5 and Flash.

With Google Chrome, you can run complex web applications like Angry birds and Chrome Remote Desktop completely for free in addition to loading web pages.

In short, Chrome is basically designed to be an operating system in an operating system, the window through which you run all your programs. In fact, it’s the core of Chrome OS.

Private, synchronized surfing

When you connect to a Google account, you can sync web information and tabs across multiple computers and devices in Chrome. It’s a very convenient option if you’re using Chrome for Android or IOS.

Incognito mode, a web search that doesn’t store a file on your hard drive, is ideal for privacy: No stored cookies and no images that leave their mark.

Completely personal experience

A unique feature of Chrome is support for multiple users, which allows you to share Chrome on a single PC important program if you have visitors who want to go online or if you only have one computer.

Finally, Google Chrome can be customized and expanded through extensions and themes. There are thousands to satisfy every taste and need. You can also buy them yourself.

Revolutionary usability

Google Chrome is a program that is very easy to use. The only bar, the address bar, allows you to enter URLs and search on Google. To continue what you’ve written, Google Chrome then suggests results from your browser history, favorite websites or programs you’ve already installed.

Another important point that highlights the usability of Chrome is the Quick Start page, where you can access the websites you visit the most, your favorite web apps or recently closed tabs (on your computer or on Other devices you’ve synchronized).

After all, the Google Chrome option panel is a single page where you can instantly find the settings you want to change. It’s much more enjoyable to use than the typical window full of tabs you’ll see in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It’s easy to delete your browsing data. Go to the Tools menu in Google Chrome and option open the advanced panel. Click the “Delete default data” button and select the time period and type of data you want to delete.

When it comes to incognito mode, it is activated from the Tools menu or by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N.

Exceptional performance and compatibility

From a system perspective, Google Chrome is at the forefront of the competition when it comes to comparison speed with its V8 engine. This performance is improved with each version.

Compatible with all web standards such as HTML5 and Flash, Chrome loads PDF files with its own viewer. You mustDon’t worry about installing plugins or changing options: Chrome does it all.

Special attention to security issues

When searching, safety is paramount; Google Chrome filters pages that have viruses so you don’t get to them, and it also loads each tab separately, so thassIf a page becomes unstable, it won’t shut down the browser.

Today it’s best on the market

More and more people are using Google Chrome as their primary browser. Its appealing design, superior speed and customization options make it a strong candidateto take the lead in the browser market.

The best options? Only Opera and Firefox can hope to compete.


McAfee AntiVirus Plus Torrent Download

McAfee AntiVirus Plus

McAfee Antivirus Plus is the latest top-line version of the famous anti virus software.

Thanks to the collaboration with Intel, a large number of computers and laptops now come with free or Trial McAfee pre-loaded, which makes this arguably the most popular anti-virus software in the world. The question is, is it worth the $ annual fee to get all the bells and whistles that offer?

(function () {(“Browse-app-page-Desktop”); Market leader

For most annual antivirus software licenses costing about $, McAfee antivirus plus positions itself as a premium product. For money, it’s a solid anti-virus product that includes firewall, encryption and CCTV services along with some unexpected features like Password Manager and Update checker.

In addition to the expectation, the biggest advantage of its competitors is for the ability to install software on unlimited devices. This means that the annual fee protects laptops, phones, computers and other digital impulses that brings the actual value of the table.

Full protection

The new anti-virus promise and live support shows that McAfee has been updated to focus on user experience. This is a product that wants to take seriously due to the time that McAfee is usually seen as a few modest antivirus and McAfee Antivirus plus definitely mites of most crates.


CyberLink PowerDirector torrent download

CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is a full set of editing videos you can create professional videos for blending all kinds of multimedia elements including video, transition effects, images, Clipart, all the text in the column and custom background ( work () {(‘ Study-application-site-desktop ‘);});

Powerful but easy to use editing software Suite

CyberLink PowerDirector claims editor speed around this time is a bold claim, has simple editing flow, streamlining of creating simple video quality awesome. There are many templates to choose from hard work by others it is just a case of dragging and dropping movies you want. It also includes 3d landscape design that allows you to create 3d scenes in your video, although some saw a little cheap.

More than that, in CyberLink PowerDirector includes all the tools needed to get creative with your video, from help with the first step (to capture video from a few different sources) to add creation you drop a call through and it can be changed to customize the DVD menu style.

When you’re done, CyberLink PowerDirector allows you to keep your video on your hard drive in various formats, publish to YouTube, share it on Facebook or video cameras.

Recently, CyberLink PowerDirector has been updated and has a great 3d and includes new ways to share your creations with other users through CyberLink CyberLink DirectorZone with some new 3d editing tools to complete Creative 3d landscapes. If you want more effects, you can also download them from DirectorZone.

Video stream interface for Drag and drop

CyberLink PowerDirector interface is divided into four main tabs (capture, edit, produce and create disc), all of them clearly adequate by itself. The order is that Flash video section editors and film in the raw string to edit below.

In CyberLink PowerDirector editor contains all the video editing Tools, and Windows Library to browse media collection, series by dragging and dropping elements and preview window to check what your invention looks like When put things all together.

Theme Maker using a wizard-style system to help you build your own theme and easy to follow, even if the results look pretty cheap.

Solid Suite multimedia presentation

And CyberLink PowerDirector, you can easily create multimedia presentations and videos, photos, and music. Regardless of your needs, presentation, CyberLink PowerDirector is a better option. CyberLink Corporation offers a range of applications, and because I find the option for free, we recommend you download the software to edit videos with free video editor.


OMSI The Bus Simulator update Torrent

OMSI The Bus Simulator

SIM genre is huge these days, which sweep everything you just think of farming on the street! With car simulators are huge, it’s not surprising that bus simulators are high on the list. A piece of modern life with which everyone is familiar! OMSI bus Simulator owes its name to the consolidated, typically German name for public buses. This game allows you to ride classic buses around the late ‘ 80, so it has an additional aspect of fun based on coming back in time.

Go Büsing It through the years 80! (function () {(‘ Browse-Application-page-Desktop ‘);});
The OMSI bus Simulator really stands out from the crowd thanks to the ‘ 80 settings. Set in West Berlin, you get to see a piece of modern history with this game and it feels not only like a SIM, but also a historical snapshot. The biggest feature of the course is the driving classic buses, MAN two-storey buses SD200 and SD202, which appear in different versions depending on the year of manufacture. Of course, these vehicles are the star of the show, with buckets of character and a pleasant challenge for the ride. Even advertising on buses corresponds to the theme of the 90th years of Berlin. Driving here is a delight, with a good size area available with lots of variation. In fact, this simulator uses the former consolidated Route 92 for a seven mile route through the Spandau area. The atmosphere is enhanced with day and night and weather effects, allowing you to drive in harsh winters or a beautiful day of summer.

A game with a lot of thought behind.
First you will notice in the OMSI bus Simulator that the classic buses are reproduced in the smallest detail, from the color scheme to the dashboard. Not only do they look amazing and well lit, but the audio is excellent here; Cranky old engines and traffic sounds really add up to dive. They are not perfect by any means, but there is a spirit. Driving mechanics are also simulated, from the REDUCTIONR to the simulation of compressed air systems. Very important, the traffic is smart and realistic, so you have the task of avoiding both the calm and awkward drivers as you navigate in the authentic West Berlin. There are several animated objects as well, but it must be said that the whole game always feels like a game-you do not get completely lost in it. The graphic constraints are noticeable, but the attention to the period and vibe of the city is strong enough to let you play.

A cheap and cheerful experience.
OMSI Bus Simulator is not a bus simulator to get them all off, but it feels totally unique and it has a lot of character. Buses and cities capture the years 80 Berlin well and are very interesting to take the streets in this snapshot of history to navigate. Add to Nice features like the ability to edit in your own vehicles and change the weather and time, and you have an incredibly diverse experience.

This program can no longer be loaded. Take a look at OMSI 2 instead.


LINE x64 FastDL torrent download


Line is a VoIP platform that allows you to send messages and make free voice and video calls and instant Messaging application and Windows Clientso you can do it all on your PC.

Free call (Feature () {(‘ App overview-Page-Desktop-‘);});

The lines main goal is to help you connect with your friends for free. Just like Skype, Facebook, Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and many others, the line allows you to send free text messages and chat with friends who also use this program; You can even start a group conversation. The line also contains VoIP features that allow you to make audio and video calls.

The purpose of the line is to distinguish yourself from competition by adding features that complain to younger users. In addition to the traditional messages from images and audio to share items, lots of stickers that can add to your conversations a little bit fun. These feelings illuminate the dialogue with the Office and there are many that can be downloaded.

Your article also extends the series, allowing you to save your life for all to see. Along with your message you can add pictures to see and react to his followers.

Easy interface and Focus Essentials

The PC version is a minimalist interface. The three tabs provide access, a contact list, your current chat and allows you to add new friends. The client is very easy to use, and log on to the client computer, putting everything to do is a scan of the QR code and the code of your smartphone.

If all this seems too soft for you, don’t worry because there’s always a topic to give a little conversion to your computer experience.

The line for the PC is ideal for extending the mobile version. You can start a conversation on your smartphone so that you’ll continue to resume your computer later.

Mobile version Extension

If you are able to use a line of phone, it is like a computer version, because you will be able to enjoy the same features. It allows you to get your contacts and chat with ease when you are at home and using your PC.

To use the InstallationTo PC Edition, you must have installed your mobile phone line program.


YouWave FULL Torrent Download


Have you ever wanted to use WHATSAPP on your PC or play mobile games on your desktop? YouWave is a program that emulates the Android operating system on your computer.

What’s youwave doing? (Function () {(‘ Study-Application-site-Desktop ‘);});
As the Player app Bluestacks or Andy OS, YouWave allows you to test Android apps and games on your PC in a way that allows you to see exactly how you will look and play on your Android phone.
YouWave is not compatible with the latest version of KitKat on Android, but instead offers Android Ice Cream Sandwich home version applications. Includes SD card function (Shared folders between your PC and virtual machine), support for online multiplayer games, dynamic rotation and volume control buttons.

Install applications with YouWave
By default, YouWave Android apps, including natural music, settings, browser, etc.

Installing the application can be done through Google main (which by itself you need to install before you start), or by downloading and installing APKS. This process is not as easy as it can be, and, of course, more agitated than bluestacks.
User Interface in YouWave feel very old fashion control Panel and design is a little strange.

Is it worth it?
On a practical level, although some minor problems, youwave stability works fine. It allows external applications to load and simulate disappointing on the face of Android phones, although some applications do not work well if at all, especially if it is designed for the latest version of the Android operating system.
YouWave Android offers fans the opportunity to test the application in their PC simulation Android environment interface

Install and configure Youwavefirst, you will have to delete if you have VirtualBox installed on your PC, you need to uninstall before installing YouWave installation process works like any other program and is fairly straightforward. Just follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard and you will be good to go in a short time.


MorphVOX Pro Windows XP/7/8 Download Torrent

MorphVOX Pro

Morfvoks Pro is a program that turns your voice into what you want, whether it’s a terrible monster or a small child. This is the perfect tool to play tricks on your friends.

Turn your voice to (Function () {“View-app-page-desktop”;});
Morfvoks Pro is easy to use. The program changes your voice in real time while speaking in the microphone. It is compatible with the most popular applications for chat-Skype, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Tijkogovorene-and can even change the audio files you have saved before.
The choice of votes goes from children to robots. Morfvoks But there are very few background noises (you can pretend that you are in traffic and a little more). In addition, some of the effects are unrealistic and are not well designed.
Morfvoks Pro has many uses for imagination. For example, you can use it to enhance your experience in an online role-playing game by giving your character a more relevant voice. Or you can use it to play a prank on a friend by calling them from a fake Skype account.

Good voice quality
Morfvoks Pro has a 10-frequency equalizer. This will PermitePara you to add sound effects and perfect to set your voice with some training.
When you run Morfvoks Pro for the first time, the wizard will help you start configuring audio and microphone.
The vocal assortment of Morfvoks Pro is quite flexible, giving it an advantage over many of its competitors. Moreover, the quality of the votes is very good.

His voice sets the limits
Morfvoks Pro wants you to be good at using it. Therefore, even if you are a user with little experience, it only takes a few minutes for you to start having fun with it. Due to the diversity of voices available, the only limitation is your imagination.


EasyWorship fast-dl download torrent


EasyWorship is a program specially developed for people who play an active role in their local church. It comes complete with tools that can help to tackle a wide range of different administrative tasks a breeze. Sing your heart OutOne of the main functions of EasyWorship is the creation of song books and scriptures. A special folder is provided for hymns so that they can be dragged and dropped into different playlists and are ready when they are needed. Different types of media can be organized and accessed with just a few touches of a button and the media can even be shared with the members of the church in the form of warnings and Message boards. This type of program is definitely cutting Edge and certainly the members of the church bringing closer together, although the learning curve can be quite steep as new users try to figure out how to best use the various aspects. (function () {(‘ Review-app-page-Desktop ‘);}); How easy is it? Although EasyWorship is relatively easy for people who are good at using computers to master It is really all relative. Older people and those who have spent only a limited amount of time for a computer for it may find it difficult to get grip.


Malwarebytes Anti Malware Windows XP/7/8 Download

Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a reputable, reliable security application that will scan your computer for threats and definitions Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that is regularly updated, so that you are always protected in full. Updates can slow down your computer immediately, but clearly it is worth ensuring that it is updated. You can also allow automatic updates, leaving you free to get other tasks.

(() () (;;) what Malwarebytes anti-Malware doesmalwarebytes anti-Malware does not offer real-time protection, but you can scan your computer any time you want. There are two scan options free full version and quickly. Malwarebytes If Detect infections, it will remind you and you can determine which steps to accept or allow it to make decisions alone. Theres also ignores the characteristics of a list, so the program will know what files, if any, to bypass; Block is also known for non-risk programs to carry out this programme?

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a very strong product. It includes some additional features, such as context menu integration and file transfer tool locked Callekfilecreed (as Deleed in videodi above). Regardless, you have to remember to run it if you are afraid of infection – if you want protection in real time, you need to pay for key Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. However, if you are looking for an alternative more free, we recommend that you download them IObit malware fighter or Adwcleaner.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is malware scanner is a powerful, fast, suitable for casual but literacy; – up to 25% faster scan speed for 64-bit operating systems-usability-enhancement of the reliability of the chameleons-improvement program Update with additional safety devices via the command line(paid version only)-scheduled scan log now includes verification of the status of the context of the protection right with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware now displays in the selected Languagebchanges-up to 25% faster, fast scanning for 64-bit systems operations-chameleons usability-enhanced-increase the reliability of the Update program with an extra safety check for password command line (paid version only)-scheduled scan log now includes bypass status tepatMengimbas protection menu with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ‘ displayed currently selected language


Call of Duty 4 JonnyBear Download Torrent

Call of Duty 4

After the three contributions of the Second World War, Call of Duty 4, XXI. He has changed the stages of the century and the struggle against terrorism.

() () ((‘review-app-page-desktop’);});

Realistic and predictable missions

XXI. As a result of the war of the century, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will face you in high-risk situations. Prepare control over enemy tactics and advanced enemies that use advanced strategies. Fortunately, you and your allies will have an arsenal,filled with tools.

New devices for cutting-edge technology at your disposal. Call of Duty 4 can use infrared glasses, heat detector or armored cover of the latest generation. This weapon is a distance like a gun It’s like a big electric fire and you did it;

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare offers a much more advanced experience than the previous version, since not only unfortunate ammunitionthrough death through new weapons, but also through it; Do not use heavy weapons yourself, and help keep silencers out by hiding the night.

As a result, the missions changed, many of them at night, and some surprised the enemy, offering a wonderful situation with their own production vision. In this sense, in many places in different places, such as the desert, the North Sea and many parts of the world, is very important in the game. Creativegameplayers have said in the modern environment that they can really absorb themselves by showing only those battles that may appear only.

Improved control

Of course, if they are gamecontrols, this is not an easy task. Awareness raising is to destroy the enemies, it’s very simple, no matter where they come from.

Graphically stunning war

Sound effects Call of Duty 4: Modern War equally realistic. The sound is taking place in realtime and it can shake an explosion virus if you have sound equipment.

Modern Warfare: Essential

Call Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a must-have game. Magnificent graphics, sounds and, most importantly, play, Infinity Ward changes history before the end of the Second World War.